SIM unlock ZTE MF920W+ locked to MTN Nigeria

SIM unlock ZTE MF920W

Our team has developed a software to unlock ZTE MF920W+ router locked to MTN Nigeria.

SIM unlock ZTE MF920W

Do not use this software with other devices as this may cause unexpected behavior or your device may be dead.

ZTE MF920W+ does not prompt for unlock code after changing SIM card other than network locked.

How to SIM unlock ZTE MF920W+ locked to MTN Nigeria?

  1. Switch on your ZTE MF920W+ router.
  2. Press “WPS+Power” button together and hold for some time.
  3. This will restart the router.
  4. Download unlocking software of ZTE MF920W+ locked to MTN Nigeria.
  5. Unzip the software using WINRAR software.
  6. Now connect your router via a USB cable to your computer.
  7. Go to My Computer>>Virtual CD-ROM and install on the computer.
  8. This will open the MTN Homepage.
  9. After that run the unlocking software of ZTE MF920W+.
  10. This will start flashing the router firmware.
  11. After completion of firmware flashing your ZTE MF920W+ will restart.
  12. If not restarted automatically then do it manually.
  13. Your ZTE MF920W+ is permanently unlocked for all networks after this process.

Note: After unlocking via this method MTN network will not work on ZTE MF920W+.

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