How to SIM unlock ZTE MF286C?

SIM unlock ZTE MF286C

SIM unlock ZTE MF286C fast and secure with IMEI and code. You can unlock all your ZTE MF286C routers/modems from network restrictions or remove network restrictions from your ZTE MF286C.

SIM unlock ZTE MF286C

We provide factory unlock code to free your router/modem for all networks. Unlock ZTE MF286C with its IMEI no and unlock code.

You need to provide IMEI no to get unlock code for your ZTE MF286C. To get IMEI from ZTE MF286C router/modem remove the battery from your device or go to settings.

Do not enter wrong unlock codes on your router/modem. It may cause unexpected behavior on your router/modem.

Unlocking is not available for “Tracfone”, “Net10”, and “Straighttalk” carrier.

Do not place an order for these networks. Unlocking is available for all network provider except above given. If, your router/modem is dual SIM then provide IMEI no of primary SIM only. After inserting unlocks code into router/modem, both SIM slots will be free for all networks.

The warranty on your
ZTE MF286C will not be disturbed. The codes will come from ZTE Database, so it will not disturb your router/modem warranty.

How much time will it take to unlock your ZTE MF286C?

It will take 1-8 hours to unlock ZTE MF286C.

How to unlock MF286C router/modem with unlock code?

  1. Insert SIM card other than default network in your
    MF286C router/modem.
  2. Switch on your router/ modem.
  3. It should ask for the unlock code.
  4. If not, then click on Network or settings, it will ask to unlock code.
  5. Insert unlock code provided by us.
  6. Click, apply or OK. Your
    MF286C router/modem will reboot/restart.

Your device will be free for all SIM cards of all networks.

If an above-given method does not work then try the below method:

  1. Put SIM card other than default network into a router and switch it on.
  2. Now connect the router to the computer with its USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  3. This will open the default home page of the router, if not then Go to My computer and open Virtual CD-ROM.
  4. Here install the required drivers into PC.
  5. Next, it will open the default web page that is
  6. Now, login with username-admin and password-admin and go to unlock screen or it will redirect you to unlock screen.
  7. If, not then go to settings>>APN
  8. Here you can put unlock code/ NCK code to unlock the device.
  9. Now Put 8/16-digits unlock code carefully, and press Apply.
  10. After that, you can see the network of SIM inserted.
  11. Now create a new profile according to new SIM card with Connection menu.

Your device will be free for all networks. In some cases when the above-given methods do not work then we recommend that you factory reset your ZTE MF286C.

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