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You can unlock Nokia phone with an unlock code. You need to provide IMEI no of your Nokia phone. To get IMEI no of Nokia, Dial *#06#. The warranty of your Nokia phone will not be disturbed. Unlocking is available for all network provider phones.

While entering the code for unlocking make sure that you enter the correct code. Because you get only three attempts to unlock, if you enter wrong codes three times then your Nokia phone may be permanently locked. The code counter will be blocked.

You need to provide Primary SIM slot IMEI, in case of Dual SIM phone. Both SIM slots will be free during this process.

Unlock Nokia phone by IMEI with code

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Now, switch on Nokia without any SIM.
  3. Type (#pw+unlockcode+1#) like a phone number*.

*Some characters like #, p, w, + will appear after pressing * symbol a couple of times.

  1. Insert unlock code provided by us.
  2. To confirm the code Press # at the end.
  3. A message should appear “SIM restriction is OFF”.
  4. Your Nokia phone Will be unlocked.

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