How to SIM unlock Huawei E5251s-2 locked to SFR France?

Unlocking Huawei E5251

You can unlock your Huawei E5251s-2(E5251) without opening the screws, means you need not to void the warranty of your device to unlock it.

Unlocking Huawei E5251

How to unlock Huawei E5251s-2 locked to SFR France?

  1. Change the SIM card of your device other than SFR.
  2. Now connect Huawei E5251s-2 to a computer via LAN cable.
  3. After that open a web browser and open its homepage.
  4. Now login as UserID-admin, Password-password or admin if you have not changed it, or it may be different that you can check in routers manual.
  5. After login, it should ask for unlock code or search in settings.
  6. We will provide you 8 digit unlock code to insert there.
  7. Insert that into your device and press Enter/Ok.
  8. Your device will be unlocked permanently.
  9. You can see networks of SIM inserted in it.
  10. If not then restart your device and you will see it.

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